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What I hate on the road.


Welcome Strangers.

What I hate on the road? Here list what I hate. Time to time I will add new points.
I drive a lot and 75% I love road to the work and back to home. But where you like there is hate something.
See below.

I hate Van’s driver on motorway, look like they the immortals. All van people with hoodies and cant see faces and they go to robbery bank. Forget about any indicators left or right and speed for those small machine is unbelievable faster then in Ferrari 🙂

I hate Mom’s driver on motorway in big SUV like Ford Galaxy. They drive together with children and probably forget about this. Probably on last life they all was van’s driver. But Children is so happy inside and show finger all another drivers. Bad behavior not only from parents and from children.

I hate another Mom’ driver on local road which cant walk 300 meters and drive with children to school. Made big traffic from the nothing and they so angry because you go to work and there have to back at home and back to the bed :-).

I hate old drivers (70’s or 80’s) on motorway. Maximum speed 120 km/h they drive 60 km/h and thinking that OK. On parallel motorway has another national road where max speed 100 km/h. But probably old people the immortals and don’t care about speed at all.

I hate all drivers everywhere which forget about Turn Indicator. Look like everyone around aware where he going to turn. I’m f@cking tired from those group of not respectable people. I suppose many people feel like me.

I hate some driver in the parking. Empty car park and some (99%) lady park beside of your car and you cant get in at all. My question is why? what you would like to say? ……. No comment….

I hate drive at night and somebody behind me or in front use long light beam. F@ck that is disaster, isn’t it?

I hate when driver use mobile phone on the road. Is this could postpone to next 20 or 30 minutes visit your Facebook or Instagram page? Drive behind this car like behind drunk driver so dangerous. Left and right , left and right.

I hate boy racers or girl racers. This is no people this is is Animals who don’t know what is it respect at all. Mostly is people 20’s age. Why and what reason still the same questions from me.

Soon I will publish some video from my dash camera please have a look and leave you comments.

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