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How To Lose Weight? (Part 2)

Pharmacy Business

What is doctors hided from you.

How to Lose weight if medicine don’t want to you that you have to be healthy. They always bring you to pharmacy or hospital.For all my life I didn’t remember that doctor advice eat properly if you have more weight then usual. It doesn’t matter appointment was for another reason or you came for doctor to have a help. Look like GP, Hospital Consulting, Pharmacy in one loop business. You have to buy more tablets , sprays, inhalators and other medicine instead of improve your immune system.

You are very strong

Our body has enough power to win any virus war. We don’t know it and looking for help out. When we born every piece of you fight for your life every seconds. You generate and generate more protection. But finally you or your parents bring you to Carbs food (McDonald, KFC, Burger King and so on) and you forget about your NATURAL protection. Look like all those fast food on the same above business loop and make money from you.

Medicine Business

Here is simple chain what built in my head. Any strong human after use fast food or Alcohol have to go to Doctor or Hospital after few years to ask help with some sickness. Then you go to Pharmacy and you in the loop for your all life and finally you died with lost your energy and a lot of money.

Improve your Activity

Keep your position and disciple to lose weight. Why Not spent your energy and money not to the Medicine business and spend for yourself and your family? Use chance to have fantastic journey to Spain, Australia or North pole….. Or be active with your family grow the same healthy children with strong immune system and ready for any bad time like Corona Virus in 2020.

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