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Why you should trust my combination?

Logic background is too complicated to calculate winning combination because chance to win 1 from 15 million. Its mean you should by 15 million lines each one by 3.5 euro and you 100% win JackPot. But this is ridiculous. I reduced that chance from 1 to 1000 and as per my practice I won every second lotto. Its doesnt mean I won Jack Pot Its mean I won value which cover my expenses to continue to win Jack Pot. I think that is enough for the time being. Sometimes value cover cost for me good holiday like 2000 euro :-). WHY NOT?

This is logic is developed by me and still in progress to developing and only started use last 3 months and already has good result regarding my previous games.

I hope for start more than enough. Please follow below instruction from me every draw.

Winning Combination!!!

My Prediction next EURO MILLIONS DRAW 04/08/2017, see below 2 lines,

6-22-24-37-44 3-9

1-12-25-29-42 3-6

Prediction Euro Millions and Irish National Lottery.